BN’s unfulfilled promises a factor for PKR win in Krian

SARATOK: PKR leaders in Saratok believe the opposition was able to retain Krian for the second term due to multiple factors but it was due mainly to BN having made promises which it failed to fulfill.

PKR leaders of Saratok Glen Anthony and Lagu Biju said the bulk of support for PKR came from Ulu Krian where there

has been a lack of basic infrastructure such as roads, treated water and electricity supplies.

“There were many promises made by the previous BN leaders before and these promises were not realised until PKR came in,” Glen told BAT 6 on Wednesday.

He added it could also have been due to the general awareness whereby people knew their rights that provision of basic infrastructure was the responsibility of the government of the day. Voters’ political inclination should not be used as an excuse to stop development projects in a constituency.

“Projects do not stop in Krian after we elected PKR. Instead, Krian has more projects under PKR. For the past two to three years, projects have been coming in because our assemblyman Ali Biju has raised the needs of the people in the state assembly,” said Glen.

On the question as to why state BN, which is generally strong in rural constituencies, lost its magic touch in Krian for two terms, Glen said it could have been due to Ali’s personal touch and charisma.

“YB Ali even uses his own assemblyman salary for his constituents. I have calculated it myself, whatever he spends monthly on the people is more or less the same amount he is paid as an assemblyman per month.”

He said Ali, an engineer, financed small projects out of his own pocket such as giving free civil works, excavation works, laying of gravel, building of small paths leading to farms and longhouses.

“He will try to help whenever he can. For small projects which he can finance himself, he will just do it straight away rather than asking for people to help.

This kind of immediate help or instant assistance makes people feel the impact. Another thing about YB Ali is that he does not make promises he cannot deliver.

“YB Ali has been consistent in terms of his performance. He has been faithfully serving the constituency by keeping in touch with the voters and visiting them regularly.

“Furthermore, he takes immediate action to solve problems of the people rather than making empty promises. He does what he can and fights for us whenever it is not within his ability to provide,” said Glen.

Comparing the campaign machinery for PKR and BN in the May 7 state election, Glen noted that PKR was lacking much in manpower as well as financial means. However, people would come to listen to Ali during his talk because he is a very eloquent and well-versed public speaker.

Ali won in the 2011 state election after polling 5,178 votes in a four-cornered fight. One of them was Datuk Peter Nyarok the BN incumbent.

In the May 7 state election, Ali defended the seat by garnering 5,388 against BN’s Kilat Beriak who only managed to poll 3,748 votes.-Borneo Post

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