PKR is a jamban party!

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Jimmy qrikert: PKR in PHarapan is now behaving like PAS when the mad mullah party was in PRakyat. The parallels are quite clear. Party leaderships arrive at consensus but then DAP is backstabbed, first by PAS in Malaya and then by PKR in Sarawak. PAS wanted the Selangor MB post by default of being the bigger Malay/Muslim party (although Hadi denied it but subsequently submitted 2 names!) and PKR now wants Sarawak opposition leader’s post by default of being the more 'orang asal' party. Hadi is a lying doubletalker. Azmin is also a lying doubletalker. PAS wants PKR to join Ikatan. PKR wants PAS to join Pakatan. PKR is now fast becoming a jamban party. Full of crap.

Kinsom Puteh: A jamban party is quite demeaning a term. But on second thought, the leaders is PKR have to wake up. With Anwar in jail, the party is rudderless. Dr Wan Azizah is too mild a person to lead the party, which has several overly-ambitious people. These power-crazy people will eventually destroy PKR. The saddest part of it all – Anwar, his good wife and daughter can do nothing about it.

PT Longines: It is a known fact – PKR has a bad image in Sarawak. People still prefer the DAP.

Chia Hui Yeong: PKR wants to be the Umno in Pakatan Harapan!

Boon Hau: This is just a typical behaviour of one faction in PKR, always thinking they're so high and mighty. How many of those non-negotiable seats did they win in the end? Big fat 0...

BlueOcean: The call must be religiously inspired since both Xavier and Baru are Christians. Both are also avid church goers. The pact must have originated from there.

DeE: Batu Api

Jimmy qrikert: BlueOcean, by your logic, the call by Azmin to welcome back PAS into Pakatan Harapan must be religiously inspired since Azmin and Hadi are Muslims. Also by this same logic, PKR's acceptance of Hadi despite him having backstabbed PKR in the Selangor MB issue must be religiously inspired since the traitors, Hadi and Azmin, within Pakatan ranks are Muslims. And since you must be Muslim, this must be Islamic logic then?

My Realist: Aiyah, it’s understandable. Dr Xavier Jayakumar is one of Azmin's goons and Azmin is a lackey of PAS, always trying to stir up trouble for DAP on behalf of his master.

Remember how he used the "PKR 5" to undermine DAP in Penang?

Lee: This idiot is a shit stirrer and he has been at it for quite some time creating miseries and rift in PKR and for Anwar's family. Typical in his DNA

Roger 5201: Dr Xavier Jayakumar has either left his calculator at home or he does not understand democracy. PKR would do well to leave Sarawak alone until they have their Pakatan in order.

Raymond Ang: Just shut up, Xavier. This is Sarawak affair. None of your business.

Stanley Koh: This shows that certain PKR rank and file are not interested in capturing Putrajaya but only have their own self-vested interests as their priority.

Tc Ling: I am on the neutral side: Let them work out the deal themselves. If they cannot come to an agreement, then it is a futile effort to be on the same team.

And you know what? I don't care who is sitting on the position; so long as the alliance stop all these nonsense bickering and make the effort to do better.

Michael Yeow: Sometimes this big mouth talk c@#k acting like they are the party leader showing no respect whatsoever.

Anthony Dylan: Give Baru the chance to lead

Sivarajah Kannan: Looks like Xavier is the running dog of Azmin

Lau Seng Kiat: Still can't forgive you on Batu Kitang

Chhoo Lak Thiang: What’s the matter? Don't understand that you can't demand for what is not yours but can accept what is given?

Puloor Varughese: My, that fella is not even in the Selangor Exco now.

Ambrose Lai: They should view The Three Musketeers - One for all. All for one.

Ghee Hin Ooi: It all boils down to greed for power and control. Care for the wellbeing of the people? Hogwash!!!

Tk Looi; Greed

Nd Lim: Stupid suggestion....

These comments are in response to the article Xavier, it’s Sarawak DAP’s call on opposition leader published on May 13. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.-The Ant Daily

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