PBB peoples being used by UMNO Baru

COMMENTS by Theantdaily readers

My Realist: After following the Sarawak elections, I found that the PBB Malays, unlike Umno Baru Malays, are:.

NOT confused by tokongs/churches and can distinguish between mosques, churches and temples.

ABLE able to quote from the "English" Bible and not confused by just a single word from even the Malay version.

SO fluent in English that they can sing "The Young Ones" with perfect intonation etc…

As such, they have sharper eyesight, more knowledgeable and widely read, mentally and intellectually stronger, linguistically more proficient, etc…

If they are the leaders (instead of the Umno Baru Malays), Malaysia would have been more advanced, richer, harmonious and progressive.

Latiff Ishak: It all boils down to leadership. Umno is led by self-serving, corrupt leaders who want to hang on to power forever. In Sarawak, Adenan Satem is asking for just five more years. By 2021, he will voluntarily leave office. That is the difference.

Kinson Ashok: But Adenan has better watch out. There are some PBB people who are being used by Umno Baru leaders to do their bidding in Sarawak. With promises of fame and fortune, of course.

And these people are likely to bring Umno to Sarawak when Adenan is no longer in office. So Sarawakians, you better be on your toes. Umno Baru is still very influential and certain PBB people are also greedy and selfish. They care not for Sarawak but only their selfish interests.

Herbert Yong: In a nutshell, PBB Malays are less hypocritical, unlike the Umno Baru Malays.

My Realist: The ease and frequency with which Umno Baru leaders are confused is most alarming. One reason why Malaysia is sliding down the abyss while our neighbours are progressing by leaps and bounds.

Jimmy qrikert: Mahathir once said Melayu mudah lupa, Malays are weak-minded and Malays are not capable of competing on their own without help from the government. But at the same time, Mahathir was able to put Malaysia on the world map, drag Malays into the 21st Century and engineer the emergence of a class of Melayu Baru who believed themselves to be world-beaters.

Now, this man ruled the Malay world for 22 years vacillating between 'Malays are dumb' and 'Malays are world-beaters'. This is also the man who said Malaysia is an Islamic nation while the reality is we are a secular nation. He told Malays to buck up while insisting they could not achieve anything on their own. He hammered through the supremacy of Malays while telling Malays they were inferior in many fields to the non-Malays.

In 22 years, Mahathir ensured the greatness of Malays was manufactured through a mangling of history, misrepresenting of facts, purging of truth to elevate the position and image of Malays to the extent that Malays could no longer differentiate reality from wild imaginings, from a fantasy fed by outright lies, many supposedly proven by Melayu Baru academics only to be quietly abandoned when they gained no traction at all beyond Ketuanan Melayu forums.

And today, Mahathir is trying to dismantle the very policies and practices he once put in place to ensure the hegemony of Umno and Malays. Faced with this which Malay would not be confused, more so Umno Malays?

Mages Vari: We are staying in a Muslim-majority country and we are not even confused.

Vincent Cheong Kam Weng: I'm a Christian and I've taken Christians, Arabic Muslims and Buddhists to all sorts of places of worship and I have yet to find one that is confused or wanting to embrace the religion of the place of worship after their visit. Am I supposed to be confused?

Benjamin Phang: It is all about power and politics. Sadly these 'unconfident leaders' are using religion to keep their followers in check. This is not good for our multi-racial and cultural society. Non-Muslims do not deny Islam as the official religion of this beautiful country and it is also an undeniable fact that Muslims formed a huge majority of our population.

Vincent Cheong Kam Weng: Respect in any society is earned and not demanded just because you have the numbers. It's about how much you contribute to making the society you live in a better place for everyone.

Sukhato Aramo: In that case, Malaysians from other faiths (Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Sikhsetc.) should NOT be blamed for "the confused mind" of our other fellow Malaysians if there are certain people in Malaysia who caused them to be confused!

Cyndee Gan: I am staying in an apartment/condominium. There is a surau on the ground floor where religious activities such as weddings, birthday parties, baca quran etc are being carried out. About 80% of the owners are non-Muslims. Please help me. I am very confused when I see all these religious activities in the surau.

Tc Ling: I wonder if she thinks that Muslims occasionally go to pray at Chinese shrines and wonder, hmm...masjid ini banyak aneh. Hello~ It is a Chinese shrine, how can you be "confused"? Joss sticks, altars, statues, big signboard in Chinese.

The truth is, this macik, like many others BN politicians, have nothing else better to do than to exaggerate issues to attract negative publicity to the Oppositions. This time it is so ridiculous that it backfired on her.

Fidel Ho: Five times a day I hear the azan in my neighborhood, not from one mosque but also two smaller mosques in the same vicinity. I am so confused why they can wake up so early everyday in the morning but always late for work?

Jason YF: I think the stupid politician needs to be moved to an obscure corner because her comment is damn stupid. She is no longer relevant in a progressive state like Penang. The only place relevant to her is an old folks’ home.

Zammer Zaini: The truth has been spoken. Melayu Umno is easily confused.

These comments are in response to the article Why is it that Umno Baru Malays are so easily confused? published on May 18. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.-The Ant Daily

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