'Let Aziz Isa be cursed: Adenan'

BEKENU: Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem laughed off a statement made by DAP candidate for Batu Kitang, Abdul Aziz Isa who claimed that he would make a better chief minister than Adenan during a recent political talk.

He described the statement made by Aziz as merely “a dream that can never be achieved by someone who had only started to dabble in politics”.

“I waited for 42 years to become the chief minister. Before that I was an MP, assemblyman, state minister and even federal minister,” he said in his address at the Kedayan Makan Taun, or annual feast event in Kampung Jambu in Bungai, Bekenu today (May 2).

Adenan also joked that Aziz is like a grandchild who does not respect his elders.

“Sak nya tulah,” he said in Bahasa Sarawak, which roughly translated means ‘let him be cursed’ for disrespecting his elders.-Borneo Post

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Goodness me, that made you looked so cheap mr adenan, this kind of cursing words can only come out from a stinky mouth, I thought you were better than this or you will just acting and now you are showing your true colors?

This Adenan guy got no class. Imagine, an old man laying a curse on a young aspiring candidates. Unbelievable, a curse coming from an old man who is a chief minister. I feel sad for the future of Sarawak.

I cry for the people and land of the hornbill. Adenan, if I were you I hang myself for the curse. You should be magnanimous and should have educate this young men in a fatherly manner if he had wrong you. So we are going to have a chief minister who is behaving like a thug or is already one. Really sad sad day for Sarawak.

Adenan, stop pointing fingers!
Remember, when you point a finger at someone and start cursing,3 fingers will point back at you.

Adenan seems to be sick wicked old man,tyrant and abusing state immigration autonomy. Such a paranoid Egyptians pharaohs! I bet your best facilities governance in all Sarawak perimeter. Aziz pls contain this old sick man. Let him retired and spend rest of his life with grandchildren. We all remember your best time Adenan,no worry.

The translated meaning of 'sak nya tulah' as mentioned above does not reflect the real meaning. Here Adenan is reminding Aziz that Aziz is being disrespectful to the elders and 'sak nya tulah' would closely means 'you can get curse'. 'Sak nya tulah' is a more subtle reminder and i think many sarawakian doesnt find it offensive at all. the direct translation is a bit misleading, then again it's very hard to translate the true meaning here, either to bahasa melayu or english, so kinda understand that this news have no choice but to use such translation. So chill people! p/s i am only clarifying the translation not taking sides.

The one with no class is you the DAP supporters because supporting that bloody Aziz that foul-mouthed, raised by bad parenting like rest of DAPigs. Read his cursing on his FB. I reallly feel like this kind of spoilt brat should be sunk in the middle of the se

aspiring your grandfather. aziz isa is way too rascals as u can see on his cursing, swearing and bad mouthing on his fb post. only sickos like you adore that kind of idiot.

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