FACTS: Opposition can never form the govt?

COMMENTS by Theantdaily readers

billyes: Rural folks, they are funny people. They are apparently more concerned with basic amenities. We can understand that. But how long has this concern been existing?

If they asked for clean water, electricity, roads and schools in 1963....they are still asking the same in 2016? And will still vote for the same party.

I must conclude that although lacking in amenities, they are still happy enough to vote for the same people. They must have the view that if they continue to vote BN, they will get a trickle of such things but if they vote for the opposition they get nothing.

So my belief is that until the opposition can show that they can win enough seats to form the state government, rural folk will not give them their votes.

But without these rural seats, the opposition will not win and form the government. It's a catch 22 situation.

Mikey: Excellent analogy billyes. You are very cultured and diplomatic to call rural folk 'funny people'. You and most of us get it but the rural folk don't see the way we see it.

I guess that is why they are called rural or kampong folk. Looks like the rural folk are happily voting for a sack of rice, sugar, flour and RM100.

BN has done a marvelous job in brain washing these funny people and we in Malaya will have to pay the price for their follies.

Soo Hock Ooi: And they deserve everything thrown at them! They supported a corrupt regime and was not ashamed to take the money offered for their votes !

Stanley Koh: The article is not convincing. Full of contradictions and apologetic to the truth.

What autonomy? If Adenan has it why talk about bargaining with Najib? No bribery? Why can't all those projects be done all these donkey years? Why only promise this and that during the election campaign?

Even an honest fool agrees it is glaringly a scratch my back I scratch yours agenda.

And about politics of hate? What hate? Can you say all these fiascos and financial scandals are lies to promote hatred.

With more than eight foreign countries acknowledging the scandal, is trying to change the nation towards a better future an act of hatred?

A spade is a spade. Stupid is stupid. A simple truth. The truth is never uncouth.

Rony Lim: Why curse them? They voted based on their wisdom. If things go wrong they themselves are to be blamed!

Wang Michelle: What about those nasty comments against the Malayans?? How come you quiet about it?

Ng Hong Chai: If the majority is happy so be it!

These comments are in response to the article, 10 reasons for Team Adenan's resounding victory, published on May 16. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.-The Ant Daily

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