Dayaks will become a ‘non-entity’ if they don’t wake up

Terence Ahip: The reason why we, Dayaks, are still “lain-lain” is because we have been treated worse than second-class citizens and it seems that the majority of Dayaks do not mind.

As long as we continue to have this mindset, nobody will respect us. Those in power will think that we, Dayaks, choose to remain stupid and they can continue to treat our community like a ‘non-entity’ – a race they couldn’t be bothered with.

Will we ever wake up?

Roger 5201: As a people, Dayaks are not united which also explains why 47.6% of Sarawakians get lumped into the "lain-lain" category when one applies the Malayan race profile to Borneo and along with it, the "ketuanan" concepts. This is the BN model, and Putrajaya is obviously in no hurry to change their forms despite Adenan's pre-election rhetoric. What happen to Bangsa Malaysia? What happen to 1Malaysia?

Louis Trudy Lim: Ethnic cleansing the BN way? Tuak and money doled out by Dayak BN leaders to their own kind before elections and all the groaning and moaning and bitching will disappear. BN doesn't proudly claim that Sarawak and Sabah are their “safe deposits” for nothing.

Ahgan Lew: Very simple solution. Inform the federal government that you will print your own forms. If the forms are rejected, then vote them out in the next elections.

dupy82: In my point of view, James Masing and Joseph Entulu should be ashamed of themselves now.

Larry Wam: For me, Dayak or lain2 - nothing is changed during walk-in interview for government jobs. The race quota is still not balanced. What is the meaning of 1Malaysia?

John Devan: But these 47% lain-lain community still keep Sarawak as a BN stronghold.

Joe See: Because these lain-lain had been brainwashed and became fools.

Ron Backus: Remove the race column! Simple as that. Don't complicate by adding. You add one, another community is going to demand for addition.

Oliver S Mq: The solution is not to add more “races” to government forms, the solution is to take “race” out of government forms like every civilized country in the world

Wk Tung: Why complain when the Dayaks (most of them) are the ones voting BN all the time!

Mok Khuen: Just stand firm if you're really committed, not just talk, pull out from BN, no wayang needed!

Tommy Su: Easy...just change the form, become SARAWAKIAN. That’s the answer!

Terry Terence Ho: Adenan Satem knows how to bark only

Anthony George: Don’t vote them la…easy.-The Ant Daily

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