A stronger mandate from Sarawakians means a stronger PM

Ronald Ivan: As much as Adenan pretends to make the right calls, he still leans towards KL.

I don't deny his past few months as CM have been interesting, but you don't spend money on the bag of rotten apples just because one apple is less rotten.

MeisterWan Wan: Voting for Pak Nan simply mean voting for Najib, as simple as that! We might like Pak Nan but we cannot accept Najib.

Francis CK Foo: A vote for Adenan is a vote for Najib, my fellow Anak Sarawak!

Natrah Mohamad: Haha...don't tell us who to vote for who not to vote for. We pick and choose whom we like.

We don't owe any responsibility to topple Najib whereas it should be done by Malayans.

You Malayans voted him into power, so by right you Malayans oust him yourselves. Don't expect us Sarawakians to hold your pieces together.

The whole Malaya stand united to vote him out is enough. Don't depend on Sarawakians' votes.

Here, we don't have Umno, but we prefer Sarawak-based political parties which are strong and united with less politicking or internal conflicts.

You can't fix yourself by breaking us, Sarawakians. DIY in GE14.

Aaron Ting: Adenan may not care much for Najib but he sure as hell will protect his brother-in-law Taib.

His job is to use Sarawak nationalism to mask the discontent of Sarawakians towards Taib and the timber tycoons.

Other than that, Taib has vast interest in keeping Sarawak in Malaysia.

Edison Poi: Why is Najib the best prime minister for Sarawak now? It’s because he needs to depend on Sarawak voters to survive.

The previous four prime ministers didn’t care much about Sarawak.

Ling Kwong Wong: Adenan sure picked a loser to campaign for him. Does he know Najib will chase away more votes than he can attract?

MDon Cheang: Suddenly Malayans are sucking up to Sarawak and CM Adenan. Orang peninsula are three headed – one for me, one for you, and the other for them.

Believe you me, Sarawakians are smarter than you, don't be too cocky.

Harry Ooi: Sarawakians, the ball is at your feet. Vote wisely. Your children and your grandchildren's future depends on you. Don't sell out their future!

Leo Philo: Sarawakians will be fools to trust and vote for Adenan.

Soon Yew Liow: Give back full democracy by not banning opposition leaders from entering Sarawak!

Koonpeng Chai: Adenan is a good CM. But he picked the wrong partner. So don't vote for him.

Stephen Chang: There is a need for checks and balances in any civil society. Putting too much power in a few individuals is dangerous!

These comments are based on the article, Why you can say a vote for Adenan is a vote for Najib published on March 1. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.-THE ANT DAILY

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