Will DAP’s Chong move from Sentosa to Batu Kawah?

QUICK TAKE: While announcing DAP's five candidates for the Chinese majority seats in Sarawak's southern region, the party's state chairman Chong Chieng Jen purposely left two seats vacant – Batu Kitang and Sentosa.

He was trying to create an impression that he might move from Sentosa to Batu Kitang while young Abdul Aziz Isa, the Petra Jaya DAP youth chief could fit into his shoes in Sentosa.

Well, I'm willing to bet my last dollar that Chong will not move anywhere. He will stay put in his comfort zone in Sentosa while his young lieutenant will be sent to spoil the votes in Batu Kitang.

Meanwhile, SUPP candidates for the southern part of the city's three Chinese majority seats have been decided though an official announcement has yet to be made.

With SUPP Batu Kawah chairman Tan Joo Phoi calling it a day to make way for the party's young guards, it will be SUPP president Dr Sim Kui Hian, MPP chairman Lo Khere Chiang and SUPP Public Complaints Bureau chief Wilfred Yap for Batu Kitang, Batu Kawah and Sentosa respectively.

Sim is trying to redeem his defeat in Pending five years ago to DAP's Violet Yong while both Lo and Yap will be having their first taste of battle.

Chong certainly would not want to take the risk of engaging in a three-cornered fight with Sim and PKR's Voon Shiak Ni in Batu Kitang.

Moreover, as the party chairman, Chong will need plenty of time and space to campaign for his comrades during the campaigning period and it would be a bad idea to camp out with the heavyweights in Batu Kitang.

Anyway, with Abdul Aziz coming in to spoil the votes, especially the bumiputera votes, Batu Kitang is a hot seat which could go either way.

If young Abdul Aziz was thrown into the cauldron of Chinese majority Sentosa, Yap would welcome him there with open arms.

In GE13, Yap was initially given the green light to contest in Stampin but eventually gave way to incumbent Yong Khoon Seng at the eleventh hour.

Up against Chong in Sentosa, Yap knows very well he is a David up against a Goliath. However, he is raring to go and try to knock out a heavier opponent.

Age is still on his side and should he fail to pull down Goliath, he could always recoup himself and get ready for the next round.

In Batu Kawah, a very interesting fight between Lo and the incumbent, Christina Chiew of DAP is on the cards. During the last state election Chiew won the seat against Tan Joo Phoi with a slim majority of 453 votes.

Lo has an excellent service record since helming the MPP chairmanship five years ago. He is a humble and likeable person, and is also very popular among the constituents. He should give Chiew a run for her money.

The BN candidates in Chinese majority seats are riding on Adenan's popularity to bring in the Chinese votes.

Chinese votes for the BN will surely increase this time around but whether the increase in votes will be able to translate into increase in seats is another matter. -The Ant Daily

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