We need a stronger SUPP for check and balance within BN

Samson Ong: Sometimes I wonder why the Chinese are so much against SUPP. It’s the state’s oldest party and surely the pride of the Chinese community.

In short, SUPP represents the Chinese and the least the community could do is to keep it relevant for the sake of their future generations.

In its heyday, especially in the 60s and 70s, it was the kingmaker. To ensure stability, SUPP was invited to join the National Front. Perhaps that was a mistake which the party is lamenting now.

But then, for the sake of a greater Sarawak, its founding fathers made the right move.

No one but the Chinese can breathe life back into SUPP now. The party needs all the support from the community.

Killing it will only make PBB even stronger. Only a stronger SUPP and not DAP, PAS or PKR can keep PBB in check. Think about it.

Michel Wright: If you continue voting for whom you have been voting for all this while, there’s nothing much we can hope for!

Loo Beng Siew: I have nothing against Adenan Satem but I hope Sarawakians show Najib a strong message by not giving BN a strong mandate.

Mohan Dallumal: My fear is, if Kedah MB Mukriz Mahathir can be replaced then Adenan too can be replaced. What then?

Junis Junnis: He is still subservient to Umno. It is just a political strategy to win the people’s hearts.

Tommy Su: A vote for Adenan is a vote for Najib because they both serve BN.

Tan SK Kat: Vote wisely, do not fall for his sweet talks.

Harry Ooi: Sarawakians please vote wisely. Your next generation depends on you. Do not fail them.

Wengseng Chan: Whatever it is, Adenan will sing a different song in praise of Najib and Umno after winning the elections.

Raymond Ang: BN has to go. They have been around for too long.

These comments are in response to the article, Survival of Sarawak’s oldest party rests with the Chinese published on Feb 2. However, these views from our readers should not be represented as fact.-The ant Daily

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