Choose from within BN camp, not from outside the BN box

Sammy Choo: This coming election is crucial to BN, and to Adenan. I have no doubt that BN will win handsomely. Seventy seats are already in the bag.

But the main question on everyone’s mind is whether there will be any Chinese BN YBs left in Adenan’s team!

Adenan is in a dilemma; If he picks non-BN party Chinese candidates to stand as direct BN representatives in the polls, the Chinese are going to punish SUPP by totally rejecting the party as the voters might interpret Adenan’s decision as SUPP being too weak, having failed to convince the CM to field only SUPP-nominated candidates.

And if Adenan decides to choose all SUPP-nominated candidates, then there is a fear that “disgruntled and disappointed” groups may sabotage BN’s chances.

Whatever it is, Adenan has to be firm and ensure that only SUPP candidates are fielded. This will prove to many that he is a firm leader and that BN operates on consensus decisions.

Tommy Su: The chief minister’s post should be shared equally among the three biggest races by the two-term formula as practiced in Sabah at one time.

He doesn’t even know what power-sharing is all about! And how to work it out! A vote for him is still a vote for Najib.

Michel Wright: I really feel sorry for the people of Sarawak, they will be taken for a ride for another five years.

Have they not learnt their lessons all these years? How naïve!

Daniel Liew: If Adenan is serious about helping Sarawakians, then he and the rest of the local parties (PBB, PRS and SUPP) should quit the Barisan Nasional coalition. Otherwise they are nothing more than Umno proxies.

We can only hope that the majority of Sarawakians (especially the rural folk) vote wisely in the coming state election.

Lee Chee Tian: He has been pressing all the right buttons lately, so one cannot resist voting for him. But don't be fooled, he’s still from a BN party.

John Lee: Have you asked PM where he obtained the "donation" from? Once you have asked him, let us know. That would determine your real leadership. Very simple!

Mike Samaravera: I sincerely hope the people of Sarawak will vote for the opposition for the sake of the future.

Kindly Gently: Power-sharing remains elusive as it still remains in the hands of one group.

Aaron Ting: You mean money-sharing concept?

Raymond Ang: The rural people will be receiving small handouts and in return they are expected to vote for the parties that give out these ‘bribes’!

Kelvin Lee Boon Leong: Correction...BN is the problem!

Yin San Lee: Trust him and you're the slave of BN for another term.


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