Because of Hadi, Sarawakians can never accept PAS

MusaNg: "As far as Saddam Hussein being a great military strategist, he is neither a strategist, nor is he schooled in the operational arts, nor is he a tactician, nor is he a general, nor is he a soldier. Other than that, he's a great military man, I want you to know that." - Norman Schwarzkopf

I recall Schwarzkopf saying that in an interview during Desert Storm when Saddam Hussein was mocking the Americans and a journalist asked Schwarzkopf for his opinion on Saddam.

So, to paraphrase Schwarzkopf, on the question of Hadi Awang being a leading figure in the ulama, he is neither knowledgeable in Islamic doctrine, nor is he an Islamic thinker, nor is he learned in Islamic teachings, nor does he practise Islamic piety, nor does he have political wisdom.

Other than that Hadi Awang is a great Muslim.

Mohammed Ali Basri: Hello Jimmy, what are you talking about? Don’t believe everything they tell you. PAS is not BN or Umno friendly and will never join the corrupt BN or Umno. Haji Hadi is not great like Allahyarham Nik Aziz. But he now represents a cross-section of Muslims in the country and has the support of many Islamic scholars in Malaysia.

Stevie Stephen: That's why we, Sarawakians, will never accept PAS. I don’t care what title Hadi holds.

Joshua Ikum: In the final analysis, it is Hadi who is the issue for the majority of Sarawakians. This is sad because I know there are some moderate Muslims in Sarawak PAS who are quite genuine people, politically that is.

Di Entika: Maybe this is just another wayang kulit by Hadi and Umno. If he is banned, this will make PAS even less relevant in Sarawak but the party will continue to field candidates during elections who will definitely kalah habis. That way, the seats they kalah will go to BN component parties.

Jason YF: If he is so great then he will not lose Terengganu in one term. Look how popular Nik Aziz can defend Kelantan for so many terms. Hadi is just tin kosong.

Ad Kinza: This old man cannot accept anything non-Islamic. He is a danger to the multi-racial and multi-cultural Malaysia. People like him are the cause of racial disharmony and political chaos as seen in certain parts of the world with leaders such as him.

Di Entika: Any religion that gets politicised will end up somewhere negative.

Mohammed Ali Basri: You can say anything about the Malays but be careful what you say about Haji Hadi who is leading the Islamic people. He is the vice-president of The Islamic World.

Fabian Chan: So what? If this Hadi does not respect himself, why should we?

Michel Wright: Don’t ban him form Sarawak, ban him from politics. We do not need such bigoted politicians like him.

Felix Leong: Look at the sad affairs in Tabung Haji today and how Hadi is silent. If I’m a Muslim, I will keep a distance from him.

Wilson Chang: Vice-president of The Islamic World is just another earthly title given by people. That is why God gives us the brain to analyse and think. If he is so great, he would not need those earthly titles.

Woo Chee Khun: Hadi, did you support TPPA or voted against it? You said DAP is keeping quiet but now they voted against it! Still abstaining your vote!

C Cheng Lee: People of Borneo must rise up, so that these Malayans will never step on your head again! God bless Borneo!

Tart Beng Lee: If he ever comes in to our Land of Hornbill, serve him with our natives' reception to repay him back.

Tommy Su: He should be served "tuak", and the most delicious wild ngok ngok.

Ashok Pattu: Ban this fellow from Johore as well.

Robert Too: He should show proof to back up what he said. Otherwise he is Mr Falsehood.

Garry Ee: Send him to stay in a cave. He is suitable there

Wilson Chang: No lah. He is BN friendly now.

Jiji Sofian: He's the vice-president of what?

Sam Erdiasamy: Do it

-The Ant Daily

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