A likely scenario if Pakatan takes over Putrajaya

OPINION: Many still have the peculiar notion that whatever happens in Putrajaya is not the concern of the people of Sarawak. Putrajaya is just a Malaya thing, some like to think; Sarawak can steer its own political destiny towards the safe ocean, they argue.

The political reality is that whatever happens in Putrajaya will have a domino effect on the political stability of the two eastern Malaysian states. If by chance Pakatan Harapan (PH) takes over Putrajaya, BN will not be able to stay on as an opposition coalition. It will disintegrate like Humpty Dumpty and all the king's men and horses will not be able to put BN back again.

General Election is due in 2018 and Sarawak BN certainly has a lot to think and worry about. From the country's current political developments, there is a fair chance the opposition might pull through in GE14.

Under such a scenario, PKR would be the dominant party in PH and naturally, the party's supremo who is currently languishing in jail would be pardoned and set free, and then take the podium to be the most powerful man in the country.

Well, should that really happen, Sarawak BN will sound like a broken cord and it will disintegrate as well. All the state parties will then try to align themselves with PH to get a slice of the pie.

After all, Sarawak could not afford to be in the opposition lest the state's development would be further pushed back by another twenty years.

With 40 seats under its belt, PBB will remain the state's dominant party and the last bastion of Sarawak political supremacy. It will then bargain with Putrajaya, not with Ah Jib Kor, but Ah Hua Kor, for all the good things that the people of Sarawak need.

Adenan will probably remain the chief minister, with Baru Bian and Chong Chieng Jen as his deputies in the new PH coalition. But life for Adenan won't be a bed of roses thereafter.

Meanwhile, PKR and DAP will continue to exert their influence in the state. By now the state's rural population will learn to tune on to a new government, a new hope for this beloved land called Sarawak.

Orwell's 1984 might be brought back to life. Ah Hua will be flying into the state from time to time, not only to let out his political rhetoric but with bags full of money as well, looking for frogs, especially Bumiputra ones.

At the end of the day, PBB might find its influence deteriorating and its pie of the cake diminishing. Minnow parties which fail to get a slice of the pie will now try to recoup themselves and form an opposition front, probably Harapan Sarawak to sow their seeds of disgruntlement.

Well, should the opposition's dream come true, Sarawakians would definitely be in for a completely different political landscape.

And whether Adenan could finish his five-year term as chief minister would hinge on two factors: First, what kind of Sarawak chief minister would Putrajaya want? Second, how submissive would PBB be towards Putrajaya?-The Ant Daily

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