250 members in Meluan leave SPDP to join Teras

KUCHING: Parti Tenaga Rakyat Sarawak’s (Teras) public appeal is growing by the day with another 250 Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) Meluan members defecting to Teras Meluan division yesterday.

Five grassroots leaders comprising Teras Meluan advisor Meringai Angoi who is a former SPDP Meluan vice-chairman and deputy chairman of the village security and development committee (JKKK) of Rumah Bangom Nanga Engkeranji Entabai, Minis Jeti, Ricky Mawan, Mesa Jantai and Empera Jingga handed over 250 membership application forms to Teras president Tan Sri William Mawan here yesterday.

When met after the handing over of forms at Mawan’s office, Meringai said that SPDP members defected to Teras because they did not believe in SPDP’s struggle anymore.

“SPDP Meluan is like an abandoned ship. They do not even have an office and the power struggle among three lobbyists for the right to contest in Meluan for Barisan Nasional (BN) has made the situation worst. We feel that people on the ground have been neglected because of their intense politicking,” he said.

The visitors said Teras Meluan division had more than 5,000 members comprising registered members, supporters and sympathisers.

It would not be logical for SPDP Meluan to claim that the number of members was growing because around 90 per cent of them had joined Teras, they said.

According to them the lobbyists for Meluan seat in the SPDP camp were a private off shore employee Eli Lawai, businessman Belayong Jampong and teacher Roland Duat.

However they would not be distracted by their politicking, said Meringai on behalf of the group.

They were BN supporters and would be rally behind BN.

He said they were confident that the BN would pick a candidate from the Teras camp not only because the party had the majority support but also because Teras was more organised.

They were confident of the stabled leadership and progress in Meluan under Mawan, who is also Pakan assemblyman and Saratok MP, he added

Meluan state constituency, they claimed was in need of a strong BN leader like Mawan after the incumbent assemblyman Wing Judat left SPDP to join Sarawak Workers Party (SWP). They claimed that Wong was not active in serving the people.-Borneo Post

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