Kampung Sudat residents want street lighting and damaged roads repaired

KUCHING: Residents of Kampung Sudat are complaining about their damaged roads as well as the lack of street lighting in their area.

After receiving their complaints, Democratic Action Party (DAP) Batu Kitang potential candidate Abdul Aziz Isa is calling on the Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) to install streetlights and to repair the damaged roads.

In a press statement issued yesterday, Abdul Aziz, who is a special assistant to State DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen, said they learned about the two major problems the villagers faced during their walkabout in the village.

“One of the complaints is the problem of roads entering Kpg Sudat from Kpg Semeba and Jalan Stephen Yong. The residents from Kpg Sudat request the council to widen the narrow road entering from Kpg Semeba to Kpg Sudat, and to tar-seal the road from Kpg Sudat to Jalan Stephen Yong.

“The road entering from Jalan Stephen Yong to Kpg Sudat was damaged due to heavy vehicles passing by every day. The road needs to be sealed properly. They have requested this many times to the council and relevant authority but until now they haven’t received positive feedback,” said Abdul Aziz, adding that Kpg Sudat now falls under Batu Kitang new constituency.

He said the second request the residents made is for the council to install streetlights along Jalan Kpg Sudat because that road is also totally dark at night and thus may pose a danger or risk of accidents besides being unpleasant to use for motorists.

Pointing out that the people there had actually brought up the matters to the authorities without any action being taken, Abdul Aziz said: “This kampung has been a strong supporter of BN all this while, but is this how the BN government repay their loyalty? Whereas other areas which have been very strong supporters to the opposition, especially DAP, received a lot of government allocation for development.

“The BN government pour more allocation in areas won by the opposition compared to areas which are strong supporters of the ruling party, BN. Are they trying to fool their loyal supporters or trying to punish them? As such, I urged the PMC and Public Works Department (PWD) to widen and repair the damaged road properly and install streetlights as soon as possible,” he added.

He said as the area is under the council’s jurisdiction, he hoped they would be responsible and come up with at least a temporary solution while waiting for the funds. He also urged the council to sort things out as soon as possible and confirm when it will do the job and not just keep the people waiting without any response.

“Don’t wait for election to come to do so and don’t just know how to blame the opposition for not doing our job. Our job is to highlight the people’s complaints and grievances for the government to take immediate action,” he said. -Borneo Post.

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