Can we trust PAS to uphold the rights of the child?

QUICK TAKE: PAS is in a mess, in more ways than one. It has lost the trust of the Malays and its courtship with Umno Baru is detrimental. The party is showing its true colours and the reaction of its information chief and MP for Kuala Nerus Dr Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali to suggestions for dealing with the rise of statutory rapes, is worrying.

Suggesting that the child victims should marry their rapists shows that Mohd Khairuddin is not thinking of the mental and physical development of the children.

He even urged the government to provide incentives, to reduce the financial burden, of marriage, for the couple.

Has he any respect for children? Has he any respect for women? Has he any respect for the institution of marriage?

How would he deal with statutory rapes, in which the rapist is the father, uncle or grandfather of the child? Mohd Khairuddin is clearly out of touch with the feelings of most Malaysians.

How on earth did the electorate of his constituency, think he was worthy of representing their interests?

Would Mohd Khairuddin have the same view if his own daughter had been raped? Rape is a heinous crime, from which both the victim and the victim's families suffer for life.

Section 375 of the Penal Code states that a sexual act is defined as statutory rape, when a victim, under the age of 16, is unable to understand the implications of giving consent.

Mohd Khairuddin's method of resolving the rise in cases of statutory rape, is sickening and pathetic.

He simply marries the victim to her rapist. When she becomes the rapist’s wife, she has to perform wifely duties.

How can she? She can barely look after herself. If she bears any children, as a consequence of the rape, she then has to be a mother; but she is a child herself.

Isn't the victim being made into the rapist's plaything, to be ravaged as and when he pleases, because he has been given permission by dint of marriage?

What happens in a gang rape? Does she marry all of the rapists?

What if the girl had the ambition and aspiration to make something of her life? She may not be able to endure the taunts, not just from her community, but also in her school.

Does Dr Mohd think that the victim feels no shame? Where is Mohd Khairuddin's compassion and empathy for the victim?

The PAS MP cannot believe that dress code will be sufficient to stop some men lusting after women. He would be an imbecile to think that avoiding eye contact whilst men and women talk, will prevent potential rapes.

This PAS MP has no self-respect, none for women and children, none for his religion and none for the institution of marriage. He is a shame to society, and if the PAS central committee had any sense, they would sack him, or make him resign.

He is an insult to mankind and Malaysia.

Wawasan 2020 is out of our grasp. With people like Mohd Khairuddin in control, we will be ready to re-enter the dark ages.-The Ant Daily

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