UCA Sibu asks SUPP, UPP to patch up

KUCHING: A call has been made by United Chinese Association (UCA) Sibu Division for SUPP and UPP to bury the hatchet.

Being an apolitical NGO, its president Ting Huay Chie yesterday said UCA Sibu longed to see the two Chinese majority political parties to patch up for the unity of the Chinese community.

“Only when the two parties settle their differences would there be unity among the greater Chinese community which the leaders could use as a platform to fight for Chinese rights.

“The Chinese community cannot be united when their two parties continue with their disputes. Their political differences not only split Chinese leadership, it will also split their supporters. If the SUPP and UPP conundrum continues, the history of 2006 and 2011 state elections will repeat itself where BN candidates will lose in all Chinese-majority seats in the upcoming state election.

“And if it happens again, what kind of future will Chinese community hold? How do the Chinese community, as a whole, face such a situation?

“Maybe the Chinese community can play the part of the opposition by being the balance and check to the state government. However, the fact is that there will be no Chinese representation in the government, meaning there will be no one to speak up for the Chinese in decision making process in the government.

“Apart from losing our voice in the government, we will stand to lose all the funding and allocations from the government, is that what we want?” asked Ting.

Ting said with Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem helming the state as chief minister now, this is the opportune time for the two Chinese based parties to reconcile and work together in preparation for the coming election.

“This is the golden opportunity for UPP and SUPP to come together to bury the hatchet. In face of such an open-minded chief minister who has been looking into the interests of the Chinese community, who will lead all BN parties in the coming election, the two parties must make peace to reap the benefits of Adenan’s people-oriented measures that have won the hearts of many Chinese,” asserted Ting.

He warned that if UPP and SUPP insisted on prolonging their differences, the Chinese community would be left with no choice but to support the opposition.

“I have learnt from the newspaper that Adenan has been mediating between the two parties and has instructed their leaders to meet and come out with a solution. The Chinese community are ready to support the chief minister. I do hope both SUPP and UPP show their respect to him by at least having the courtesy to meet up.

“Since UPP has made the first step to extend the olive branch and is ready for the meeting, I hope SUPP leaders will do the same, and not remain non-responsive. I hope SUPP leaders can be more farsighted as to set aside their own feelings but put the good of the Chinese community as the priority and make decisions based on the overall wellbeing of the community.

“Open the door of negotiation and let the Chinese community see that you are still a respectable party which has the wellbeing of the Chinese community in mind,” appealed Ting.

He stressed that as president of UCA, he is supposed to be apolitical but circumstances have forced him to speak out before it is too late.

“All we want to see is for the Chinese political leaders to be united to fight a good fight in the coming election. With the two parties together, there is a good chance that BN candidates may win back the support of the Chinese.”-Borneo Post

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