Adenan must play smart with Umno for the sake of Sarawak

COMMENTS by Theantdaily readers

Jack Khoo: I think Adenan is on the right track by refusing to be drawn into the current Umno debacle. It’s not only the right thing to do but a very smart move indeed.

Put it this way. Umno is not in Sarawak and Adenan is not an Umno member. He owes nothing to Umno and Sarawak owes Umno nothing too. Adenan has said many times that Sarawak is different from Malaya in many aspects. This is very true.

However, what Adenan ‘owes’ to Malaya is his allegiance to the serving prime minister because he is part of the BN government. That’s about it. So it makes sense to hear him say that he supports the PM, even a very unpopular one, because he is bound to support the BN chairman and the prime minister who, in the BN set-up, is his leader.

I would want Adenan to continue playing smart with Umno for the sake of Sarawak and Sarawakians. Certain quarters in Umno are not easy to deal with and it could even be dangerous to play games with Umno warlords.

So Adenan, just play the game Sarawakians want you to play and you would not be too far off track.

Tc Ling: Of course he will support the PM. He is an Umno man and he knows that he will enjoy more privileges under their management. He will protest and make some noise on behalf of his constituents but he will not challenge and shake the establishment.

This is the way of many senior politicians because they will often take the safest route even though it is not the most effective one anymore. And that is why we need to cultivate new blood because these are the people who would be willing to accept the risks of implementing new changes.

Milo Otaku: Better then jadi yes sir like Amanah party,

L Seng Ooi: Enslavement complete! Is there room for the rakyat, especially Sarawakians?

Milo Otaku: Yes, no toll versus those in Malaya, increase in intake for Sarawakians, cheaper electricity and so on

Raymond Ang: When you support a rotten thief, you deserve to be voted out!

Woo Chee Khun: Blind support!

Garry Ee: A traitor among Sarawakians

These comments are in response to the article Najib or whoever, Adenan will support the PM of Malaysia published on Oct 29-The Ant Daily

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